Lau Gar Kung Fu in Stafford

Welcome to the Stafford Lau Gar Kung Fu club web site – Your online resource for information about kung fu, the Lau Gar style and Lau Gar classes in Stafford and the surrounding area.

Let’s start with an explanation of few terms and expressions: taken literally kung fu (or gung fu) means ‘achievement through great effort’ but is commonly understood to be the name of a group of Chinese martial arts. The term kung means something like achievement or merit, and fu can be translated into man. The kung fu family of martial arts emphasise punching and kicking but also include joint locks, throws and other techniques. Of the many schools of kung fu Lau Gar Kuen (Lau Family Fist) is one of the oldest being one of the original five ancestor styles. For a full explanation of kung fu and Lau Gar Kuen we recommend you read the information contained in the Association section of this site or read our Columns and Articles.

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This web site is maintained by those of us who practice and teach Lau Gar Kuen in the Stafford area. Our objective is to provide you with information about the style, news about current Lau Gar Kuen events, and training tips. For the latest Lau Gar news in the Stafford area check out the News section.

The Stafford Lau Gar Kung Fu Club is a member of the British Kung Fu Association (BKFA) and if you want to keep up to date with the goings on in the BKFA you can do no better than to visit the official BKFA site.

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